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In an emergency CALL 911. That is the best and fastest way to dispatch Island safety services. If possible, use a land line as there are many low and no signal areas.

Please note, we cannot answer questions about events, the weather, or if the ferry is running.

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Shawn CraigChief of Police, Shawn Craig, serves as the peace officer of the village and the island, and supervises its police officers. Every effort is made to keep the residents and visitors safe. Our police force cautions you to obey the laws of the Village which are based on common sense and State laws. Some of the most common violations are: public intoxication, fighting, resisting arrest, driving under the influence, underage driving golf carts (particularly children) , expired plates on cars and golf carts. These laws will be enforced.

The Police Dept. offers many services including WINTER HOUSE CHECK, SENIOR CHECK (popular with our seniors, mobility impaired and house bound residents), and GOLF CART INSPECTION FORM (required before you can get plates for your cart – there is a little more below on golf carts). You can file a CITIZEN COMPLAINT about a police officer, or make a VOLUNTARY STATEMENT about an incident.


May 7 -Cops & Bobbers (from 10-2) at Portside Marina (rescheduled form April 30 due to weather)

May 13 – Roosters Car Wash (10-2) at the jail

June 18 – Special Olympics Torch Run (12-2)July 29 – Roosters Car Wash (10-2) at the jail

Auigist 6 – Cops & Bobbers round 2 (10-2) at Portside marina

Aigust 20 – 2nd Annual pig roast (12-4) at the jail and Kelley’s Hall

September 9 – Roosters car wash (10-2) at the jail

November 12 – 13.1 Marathon (11-2) at Kelley’s Hall.





On July 17th 2016 at 04:30 am Officer Zingale and Officer Tkach was dispatched to a house fire on Kelleys Island. On arrival officers were unable to get anyone to answer the doors and had to make forced entry into the home and assisted 5 family members in exiting the home. Both Officers with the assistance of Mayor Arden Cooper where given the Lifesavings Award for their act of heroism. 

On May 24th 2016 Officer Maryann Printy responded to the home on KI for a male who was having an allergic reaction to a bee sting, because of the quick response time I was later contacted not only by the KI resident but also his doctor stating that he would of passed away if it wasn’t for Officer Printy’s timely response. At the KI council meeting on June 9th 2016 Officer Printy was presented with the Certificate of Commendation for Lifesavings Award. It’s great to have the excellent staff of female and male officers I have on Kelleys Island Police Department. Thank you all Chief Craig.

You can email us at PoliceChief@KelleysIsland.us


  • Be aware of your surrounding traffic at all times (your golf cart is very small and other vehicles are very large)
  • Move aside for larger and faster traffic
  • Do not stop your golf cart in the roadway or on the berm to sightsee, remember you share the road with larger vehicles
  • Do not drink and drive (the penalties under Ohio laws are severe)
  • DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN DRIVE – It IS against the law no matter how cute it looks
  • Stay seated at all times, particularly until the golf cart comes to a complete stop (your  balance can shift very quickly)
  • No U-Turns (you may move fast, but oncoming traffic may not).
  • Be considerate when you park
  • One thing you can count on – Residents WILL call the police if a violation occurs.

Our clerical and administrative staff supports these Village operations. Safety personnel can be contacted by telephone for non-emergency services at 419-746-2735, or by e-mail directed to the Village Clerk or the Police.

Facebook: Kelleys Island Police Department


It had been long lamented that there was no lock-up on the island. The increase in transient workers at the quarry and the increasing popularity of the island created a problem for the peaceful islanders. The first positive steps in building a jail were taken in early August 1885 when the County Commissioners announced they were going to have a jail built on Kelley’s Island.

The advertisement went out in October 1885 and Nicholas Smith “of Kelleys Island being the lowest bidder and having his bond properly accompanying his bid, was accorded the contract.”

Almost a year later on July 31, when “the County Commissioners went over to Kelley’s Island… to inspect the jail being built on the Island by Mr. N. Smith. Mr. Smith was in the city this morning and accompanied the Commissioners to the Island. He states that the jail will be finished within a day or two and that when completed it will serve the Island for many years to come. The building is of stone with iron cages, or cells, and is fire proof. The contract price for its construction was $1326.”

Jail cellsThe jail cells were built by the Van Dorn Ironworks Co. of Cleveland. While it is a popular belief that the cells came from the former Johnson’s Island Confederate prison, this is not the case. The prison had already been disbanded and all the equipment sold 20 years before this jail was built. The U. S. Army decommissioned the prison in September 1865 and the following year, auctioned off all the surplus equipment, materials, buildings and walls.

The Van Dorn Iron Works was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1872, and specialized in ornamental iron work, but later became the country’s largest producer of jail cells.

After its construction, various components of the jail were secured. Lewis Rhyne (Rhein) was directed to purchase material for the cells in the lockup and the following purchases were made: from Ruff Son & Keylor(?)-one pillow @ $1.00; from Matern Bros.-one slop pail @ 80¢, and from Pourns & Zollinger-two blankets @ $4.00; for a total of $5.80.

A stove for heating the new building was purchased in October 1886, but in March of 1887, the stove was taken out of the jail and put up in place of the broken stove in the south side primary school. The school’s broken stove resulted in a vacation of two weeks for the students. It was noted that it would be very unpleasant for anyone to be put in the ‘cooker’ during that time, as they would soon cool off.

In May 25, 1887, the Township Trustees began furnishing a new office in the jail and ordered desks and cases for books and papers. W. S. Ward, Justice of the Peace, was instructed to procure these as low a price as possible and that purchase was made from Jay C. Butler & Co. for a desk and a cupboard for books and papers, in the amount of $132.07.

The building has just two rooms. The front room is used by police officers for dispatch and the rear is now used for storage as the cells no longer meet the requirements for holding prisoners. The jail did not get electricity until August 17, 1889 when the Village Council recommended the purchase of “one incandescent lamp, 63 candle power” for the jail which had just been built.

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