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The Island Cemetery

The Island’s cemetery was established in 1854 and continues to be managed by the Village. It is located on Division Street, north of the school, in what is known as Sweet Valley. The original cemetery was just 2/3 of an acre and the layout was much different than what we see today. Additional sections were added in 1881 and 1895. The first burial was John McDonald who was killed in a blasting accident in the quarry.

Contact the Village Office for more information on how to reserve your plot in the Island cemetery.

SEARCHING FOR GRAVES PRIOR TO 1983 – To find grave sites prior to 1983, try this link to the Kelleys Island Cemetery Index http://files.usgwarchives.net/oh/erie/cemetery/kelleys.txt

You can search for burials, but only those with monuments at the time of the survey will show up. Please keep in mind that some monuments have long since disappeared. It is, however, a useful tool to find the location of older graves.  It was accurate as of 1983, but no additions have been made to the list since then. Please note that the online inventory is organized by the FIVE visible sections of the existing cemetery. Each section is divided from the other by a road.

SEARCHING FOR GRAVES AFTER 1983 – For the location of graves after 1983, contact the Village Office (419-746-2535 or by email Village Office. Unlike the 1983 index,  the records in the Village office are arranged by the 3 parcels of land that comprise the cemetery. Starting at the North end (by the creek and the oldest section) Section 1 is Section 1 (1854). The next two (visually 2 and 3) are Section 2 (1881), the next two (visually 4 and 5) are Section 3 (1895). This makes locating grave sites a little challenging, but they have a map that should help you locate the actual section and site.

Another great source is www.FindaGrave.com. Almost all the existing gravestones have already been photographed and family relationships are being linked for each in locating family members.

Remember tombstone rubbings? That used to be the way people would create a record of a tombstone. Now there are much better ways., since it was found that rubing old tombstones often damaged the delicate surface of these stones. For a much better way – use these suggestions http://cemeteryconservatorsunitedstandards.org/standards/reading-stones/ and please DON’T RUB!

This is how the cemetery layout was original planned.

Cemetery layoutCemetery layout

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