Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links which should answer some of your questions.

Please remember that the Village Office does not have information on Island services, organizations or events and cannot answer any questions about them. Answers to the most commonly asked questions can be found on these websites.

KICCKICC  – Kelleys Island Chamber of Commerce –

Facebook: Kelleys Island Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau


The two websites (above and below) are your best sites for information on lodging, local businesses, places to eat etc. Please use them instead of calling the Village Office.


Kelleys Island dot com Kelleys Island –


SmallKIHA – Kelleys Island Historical Assoc. –

Facebook: Kelleys Island History Museum


KILAKILA – Kelleys Island Landowners Assoc.

Facebook: Kelleys Island Landowners Assoc.


KIACKIAC – Kelleys Island Audubon Club

Facebook: Bird Kelleys Island – KIAC


KIFBLKIFBL – Kelleys Island Ferry Boat Line

Facebook: Kelleys Island Ferry


Griffing2Griffing Flying Service –


Library – Kelleys Island Branch-Sandusky Library   419-746-9575


Kelleys Island School –


HWEHancock Wood Electric


Board of Elections –



State Park, Inscription Rock and the Glacial Grooves


The official site of the Village of Kelleys Island Ohio