Permits & Forms

As you can imagine, the Village has a form to cover almost any circumstance and these are just some of them. Please contact the Village Office for copies of these and other forms, instructions, and additional information and answers to your particular questions.

419-746-2535 or email

Here are some of our most popular forms:

Winter House Check – Use this form to have the Police Dept check on your Island house during the winter. If any problems are found, they will contact you. You can download this form here: WINTER HOUSE CHECK

Welfare Check – This is a great way to assure that people with special needs or concerns remain safe. The Police will arrange for you to contact them each day. If that contact fails, they will come to the house and check on you. SENIOR WELFARE CHECK

Golf Cart Inspection – All golf carts must have a vehicle license plate. Before you can get plates from the DMV, you must have a completed Inspection Form from the Kelleys Island Police Dept. Make sure you contact them for an appointment. GOLF CART INSPECTION FORM

Life Flight Membership – Our EMS works in conjunction with Life Flight. You can apply for an annual membership to help defray the costs associated with this flight.  LIFE FLIGHT MEMBERSHIP FORM page 1 and Page 2.

Yard Sale Planning on holding a yard sale? You need a permit to make it legal. You can get the permit at the Village Office. There is also an Island-wide Yard Sale in September which is sponsored by the Kelleys Island Chamber of Commerce. You must have a permit to participate in that event and the Chamber handles the permit, so contact them.

Address Change (Transfer Station) – Remember to update your address if you move. You can email your changes to

Burn Permit – By special permission from the EPA, this Village allows open burning – but only agricultural waste, only during specific times, and only with a permit.

Vendor/Business license/Permit – Anyone doing business on the Island must have a Permit to conduct that business. This applies to permanent as well as transient business people. A vendor’s license is required if you conduct sales at any of the festivals on the Island.

Zoning Permit – A zoning permit (in other areas it is called a Building Permit) is required for any new construction, demolition, alteration or change of use to a structure or parcel of land. Use this link to our Zoning Code find out the requirements for your property. You can contact our Zoning Inspector for information on how to apply for the necessary permit(s).

Rental of Village property – The Village has several venues for rent including historic Kelley’s Hall, the Picnic Pavilion, and ball diamond. There is a fee for the rental of historic Kelley’s Hall and the picnic pavilion. That package also contains the regulations governing these public areas. While you do not need a permit to rent the Pavilion, it is highly recommended to assure that your event has priority on its use. You do not want to arrive and find someone else is already using the facility.

Cemetery – The Village maintains the Island cemetery and burial plots can be purchased from the Village Office.


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