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Fire Chief Bobby Skeans.

The Kelleys Island fire Chief oversees the Village Volunteer fire fighting staff. Training classes are held periodically to assure that our crew is up to date on all the latest certifications. Our equipment is regularly tested to assure it meets or exceeds all required safety criteria. The Fire Dept. works closely with the EMS squad to assure that safety protocols are followed when responding to a fire call.

In October 2017 The Village issued a proclamation recognizing and honoring retiring Fire Chief JACK HOSTAL for his service. A year after moving to the Island, he joined the Fire Dept. in 1997 and became Fire Chief in 2010. Under his guidance, the dept. has made great strides in updating the department and equipment, building out a functional fire station inside a maintenance bay and securing grants. The reading of the proclamation was interrupted several times by applause. The final sentences say it all: “Let it be proclaimed that John Andrew Hostal be congratulated by the Mayor, Village Officials and the Residents of the Village of Kelleys Island…..and be forever honored as an outstanding citizen of the Village…” BOBBY SKEANS was officially sworn in as the new Chief.

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A little history – The first fire chief, Howard Brown, was appointed by the Village on April 3, 1947, as a result of a devastating fire that burned the Fred Dischinger farmhouse the year before, in which the Walter Brown family was living. However, the Volunteer Fire Dept. was not officially established by the Village until December 7, 1966 via Ordinance No. 166.

These dedicated volunteers are fully certified, trained and have the latest equipment.  Like most firefighters, they are connected to the 911 system of Erie County via pager/phones. They no longer rely on the sirens, red phones and call buttons of days gone by.

There are two sirens on the Island – click HERE to find out more about them.

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