Village Officials

Our Government is comprised of a Mayor and Council with the Mayor and two council members elected one year and four council members elected two years later.

Meetings – Council meetings are held once as month

From October to April the meetings are held at 10 a.m. on the second Saturday of the month at historic Kelley’s Hall; and

From May to September the meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month at historic Kelley’s Hall.

Special meetings of Council as well as all the Boards and Commissions are held as needed. A schedule of meetings is posted at the Post Office, in the downtown park, at the Village Office and on the door of Kelley’s Hall.

Dates in (   ) are term expiration dates


Officials, contact info & Term Expiration

Mayor – Arden Cooper

419-746-9415 – (12-31-19)

Clerk-Treasurer – Claudia Brown

419-746-2535 – (3-31-20)


Michael Feyedelem, 419-746-2268 (12-31-19)

Gary Finger, 419-746-2377 (12-31-17)

Dennis Kaminski, 440-213-1601  (12-31-17)

Joe Wolfe, 614-204-3691 (12-31-17)

Patricia Seeholzer, 419-746-2726 (12-31-17)

Ron Ehrbar, 419-746-2777 (12-31-19)


Zoning Inspector – Bill Minshall

419-512-2117 or 419-746-2535

Village Solicitor – David Lambros

216-392-5744  (12-31-17)

Prosecutor – Michael Kaufman


Village Administrator – Scott Stevenson

419-746-2555  cell 419-504-8201


To assure the efficient management of the operations of the Village, each Council Person chairs a committee. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact the Council person in charge of that committee or the Village Office – or 419-746-2535.

Airport – Pat Seeholzer (C), Dennis Kaminski

Airport Manager – Arden Cooper

Finance / Budget – Ron Ehrbar (C), Joe Wolfe

Land and Buildings – Gary Finger (C), Pat Seeholzer

Safety – Mike Feyedelem (C), Ron Ehrbar

Streets/Sidewalks – Joe Wolfe (C), Gary Finger

Transfer station – Dennis Kaminski (C), Mike Feyedelem

( C ) denotes chairperson

The Village of Kelleys Island

121 Addison St., Kelleys Island OH 43438


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