Sign Up for Alerts


The Village is working to improve its emergency notification system to keep the community informed of unexpected and emergency situations that may affect them. This will also assist the police in locating property owners when they find something wrong but the owners did not fill in a Winter Inspection Form.

For example, this list could be used in the event of a water line break where water needs to be shut off for an extended period of time, an unexpected road closure, or other situations that you might want to be aware of before your next visit to the Island. The Village will contact you by email, text, or phone call to alert you to the unexpected situation.

Opt-In – You can join this program by completing THIS FORM.

Opt-Out – If you don’t want to be included, or don’t want your email address or cell phone number to be used for the group messages – do not fill in the form.

This list will be used only for official Village notifications and will not be shared with anyone. We are striving to improve communications and to keep our citizens better informed (and a little less frustrated) when unexpected situations arise that will affect the quality of their Island time.

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