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Building on Kelleys Island

The number, size and type of structures permitted on the Island are regulated by our Zoning Code. The Island is divided into districts and each district has its own set-back requirements and building standards. Each district also has approved uses, as well as conditional uses (non-standard uses that can be approved with conditions). We highly recommend that you check with the Zoning Inspector before you finalize any plans.

In addition, we recommend that you contact the Erie County Health Department for a site check to determine what type of septic handling system you can install on your lot. This can dramatically affect your plans for construction.

Requirements for BUILDING, DEMOLISHING or CHANGING A STRUCTURE OR ITS USE anywhere on the Island is regulated by our Zoning Department. Before any construction or demolition begins, a Zoning Permit must be issued. No building or other structure shall be erected, moved, demolished, added to, structurally altered or its use changed, without a permit issued by the Zoning Inspector.

CHANGE IN USE  refers to any change in the use of the structure or parcel of land (for example, converting a residence to commercial use or turning a one family home into a two family home).

The terms BUILDINGS or OTHER STRUCTURES include (but are not limited to): waste treatment plants, fences, swimming pools, signs, temporary structures, as well as the houses, commercial buildings, barns, garages, etc.

If your plans involve the SHORELINE OR SHORE DISTRICT (Section 152.131), HISTORIC DISTRICT (152.042), or ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION OVERLAY DISTRCT (152.043) there are additional requirements. Maps for these districts can be found in the Clerk’s Office.

You can explore the specific requirements for your location under section of the Code of Regulations for the Village. This can be found at: ZONING CODE ONLINE

Click on: View Code, Title XV, Land Usage, Section 152

Contact the Zoning Inspector at 419-746-2762 prior to beginning any construction, demolition or alterations.

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